I’m In!

Finally got in!  The Nidorina I froze on is NOT in my party, so I guess that’s just another pokeball that bit the dust. Oh well…I’m disappointed, but its not like I don’t already have one.  I was just hoping to make some progress in my path to owing a Nidoqueen.

Anyway, hopefully I can catch a thing or two before things go wrong.


Well that didn’t last to damn long.  Froze again.  Also during mid-catch.  This time a Nidoran.


Servers of Hackers?

They say the reason Pokemon go has such sucky servers is because they didn’t expect such a large turnout of players.  I don’t know how that’s possible though.  I mean didn’t they do surveys or something previously?  Shouldn’t they have known that 90% of the US population would want this app?  Heck even guys who don’t like Pokemon have downloaded it just to see what the hype is about.

According to David Their of Fobes.com there is a possibility that this constant crashing of the system is the work of a hacking group. Or he did yesterday….  Looks like he updated his post to exclude that part.  But he previously mentioned that he wasn’t too convinced about the hacker theory because when things go wrong anywhere some group always tries to claim credit.

Thinking about it why would any hacker want to take away something I believe most geeks and nerds have been years for?  Well pokemon go has been causing a few accidents.  I guess it might be possible that hackers would want to make a stand for that.  OR maybe just for kicks and giggles?  For the prestige of it all?    I don’t know….

Pokemon GO is a No-Go

Let me say that I AM due for a new phone.  Mine’s like 2 year old already and I am currently shopping for a new one.  That should ease some of my frustration of pokemon go, but it won’t fix their servers.

Just now I was in the process of catching a cute little nidorina and then it freezes on me.  Now all I get is this dreadful image.

photo: Dave Thier

Sigh.  With the way pokemon go is now.  I don’t feel comfortable to go hunting for pokemon cause I might make a trip to Central Park just to be kicked out of the servers again!  Right now I’m just an opportunistic hunter.  If I’m there and have a connection I’ll linger for 10 or so minutes to catch what I can.

As you can imagine under this method I have NOT caught a large variety of pokemon.  I have caught like 100 zubat though.  Worst thing is lately zubat has been a pain in the ass to catch.  It’s breaking out of balls and running away.  I don’t even want more zubats, I’m just catching them for the stardust they provide.  I can’t get pokeballs  easily either as the GPS insists I’m never here I actually am.  Makes it hard to fuel up at pokestops that way.   So until I get 99 pokeballs I’m posing a strike against Zubat.




Rosey Thoughts

2015-07-08 11.36.56

Today while out on some errands I saw the prettiest pink roses at a flower shop.  I also saw a boy there clearly trying to decide which flowers to get for his girl.  Wahhhh!  How romantic!  If it were me these pink roses would be the perfect choice.  Though I would probably be happy receiving anything.   I hope his girlfriend feels the same.  Though I don’t know if flowers are a standard, routine thing girls just expect and have high demands of.

The life of a twenty something year old without any boyfriend experience can be rather sad and lonely.  I want to draw out a chronicle of my ‘love’ life and post it up here.  I think it’d be fun.  I wonder how long it would take me?- Ah! Not that the comic itself would be lengthy by any means! More like the time it’d take me to draw with my non-existent skills.

Finally Finished Header!


I finally finished the pic for my blog’s header pic.  Seriously I stared it like 2 weeks ago. 

The simplistic chibi there is meant to be a rendition of yours truly.  I’m not an artist by any means, so even if you think it sucks- no hating!  I’m pretty proud of it actually.  The roses were taken from http://www.forwallpaper.com.  I do not know who the artist is so I cannot properly credit them at this time.  I did sort of change it a little though.  I added more swirls and vines cause I love that stuff.

Rainbow Snapshot!

NYC brimming with rainbow glow!

NYC brimming with rainbow pride!

Last week while walking around Rockefeller I snapped this photo of the empire state building featuring rainbow colors in honor of the new laws for gay marriage. I thought it was such an endearing touch to the moment of things. As crappy as this cell phone pic is I do love the bounced off reflection on the nearby building. Twice the rainbow, twice the love.
Although I am not gay, I send my love to all the LGBT brothers and sisters out there and wish them happiness as they shop for wedding veils and white tuxes.